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1 in 4 UK business leaders lack basic cybersecurity understanding

With GDPR on the horizon there is no excuse for such a widepread lack of cybersecurity awareness among UK business leaders.

A shocking revelation of cybersecurity ignorance among UK business leaders has shown that as many as a quarter do not understand common cyberattacks. Ransomware and phishing are among basic attack variants that UK business leaders are in the dark about, proving that even major, global data breaches are not enough to capture the attention of all.

Spending has been increasing across the board as organisations pursue digital transformation, but this has not prompted UK business leaders to learn more about the risks involved. This finding was made by CA Veracode, with the cybersecurity company also finding that just 50 per cent of business leaders surveyed are aware of the risk posed by software.

Chris Wysopal, CTO, CA Veracode, said: "Digital transformation presents both massive opportunity to innovate and significant security risks, with 77 percent of applications having at least one vulnerability when first scanned, which could be exploited to inject ransomware or steal data.".

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