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Four New Marketplace Truths You Must Know

What is our value proposition?

For 10,000 years, during a period I call the Age of the Seller, answering this question was the focus of every business as it went to market. Indeed, customers refined their search for products and services down to the semi-finalist sellers based almost entirely on components of the classic competitive value proposition: price, product, availability, service, etc.

But then something happened. The Age of the Seller was subducted by The Age of the Customer. In this new era, where value is now presumed, the prime differentiator is no longer competitiveness, but rather relevance.

Today the question every business must focus on when they go to market is: What is our relevance proposition? So does this mean sellers no longer have to be competitive?

Not at all—no one will pay you more than they should. But consider three new marketplace truths: With value now presumed, customers expect to find what they want, at a price they're willing to pay, from dozens of sellers.

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