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Industry Analysts on How to Manage a Data-Driven Digital Transformation

By Chris Purcell, Analyst Relations at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In the move to hybrid IT, enterprises are experiencing the familiar challenge of technology management needing to catch up with new compute innovation.

Cloud adoption (public and private) is occurring at a rapid pace with cloud and big data on the rise, and IT teams do not have the management tools necessary to extract value from data in a way that is operationally or economically efficient. Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions, tackles this issue in his podcast BriefingsDirect Voice of the Analyst podcast series, where he sits down with leading IT industry analysts to discuss the mounting complexities businesses face as they transform their IT strategy.

Recently, Gardner met with Paul Teich, Principal Analyst at TIRIAS Research in Austin, Texas, to examine the need for management solutions in a successful digital transformation. Big data on a small screen.

Despite having an overload of information on a single pane of glass, IT managers still don't have a full picture. Big data is flowing at a rate that humans can't comprehend in real time, meaning IT needs a big data tool to perform analysis.

Right now, there are so many moving parts in a hybrid IT environment that IT managers are unable to keep track of inefficiencies. At mid-sized and large corporations, for example, developers often use multiple credit cards to purchase multiple cloud services, leaving IT with no visibility to track stranded instances.

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