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In data management, the history is the future

Two-thirds of today's businesses have digitized, and the rest are moving in that direction.

While right now this is happening in lockstep with rapid, global growth in spaces like mobile e-commerce and the internet of things (IoT), in the near future it will go beyond internet-based and -connected businesses to mean augmented reality. No longer is digital a cost of business; it is business.

Yet obstacles stand in the way. Fear prevents some companies from embracing digital transformation, though a more quantifiable barrier is lack of skills.

Only 15 percent of executives think their companies have the skills to complete that transformation—a percentage that hasn't budged in two years. How will companies compete if they can't close the skills gap?

The answer has less to do with skills than with mindset. Data everywhere.

As reams of raw letters and numbers stream through systems literally every second, managing the onslaught of information becomes the determining factor in whether a business grows or stagnates.

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