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Don’t have an identity crisis that undermines your online marketing

Consistent shopper identification is the key to marketing success.

When done right, identifying consumers as they shop online makes people-based marketing easy—leading to stellar ROI and thriving customer relationships. Unfortunately, it's not often done right.

While the ad industry's billboard mentality of the past has evolved to incorporate identification techniques that enable more personalized ad placements, they still rely heavily on imprecise methods that use a lot of guesswork. Beyond this, ramped-up efforts by the browser giants to thwart third-party cookies, including Apple's new Intelligent Tracking Prevention, further compromise the accuracy of these techniques.

It's become clear that in this age of personalization, relying on the ad industry for people-based marketing will not get you where you need to be. Marketing should be based on the highest-quality data available.

First and foremost, your IT shop or vendor needs to identify consumers as they interact with your brand. Only through consistent identification can shopping interests and histories be effectively captured and used to inform person-based marketing.

When identification fails, retailers treat repeat shoppers like strangers.

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