Artificial intelligence can change how recruiters do their jobs

Artificial intelligence can change how recruiters do their jobs.While companies have increasing amounts and diversity of data they can leverage to try to identify the best fit for each position, the recruiting process is still stuck in the past, based on standardized resumes and (potentially biased) interviewers’ opinions, and companies are suffering because of that.

While it might seem ironic, artificial intelligence and machine learning are well on the way to lending a helping hand when it comes to solving the problems of human capital management. Recruiting is one of the toughest issues businesses face today. With the ever increasing data available about candidates and employees, some innovative AI companies are taking on the challenge of helping improve talent acquisition efficiency and effectiveness.

Recruiting is a high-touch activity that involves stakeholders across the organization. AI can significantly reduce the operational burden by automating low level tasks and providing better information for decision makers. An example of this is a solution that tackle the administrative nightmare of scheduling interviews.

The big prize for enterprises comes with improved effectiveness. Companies need better data and intelligence that allows them to find the right people for the job and focus on the right indicators when screening.

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