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3 challenges of high-performance storage in the age of unstructured data explosion

The need for high-performance storage solutions tailored to meet the demands of unstructured file and object data is greater than ever.

Because more modern applications use unstructured file data, the growth of unstructured data (29. 8 percent) outpaces that of structured data (19.

6 percent), according to IDC. Enterprises need high-performance solutions to keep up with this digital transformation. With new innovations in flash storage, there now lies an opportunity to make storage of unstructured file data faster and better.

All-flash array solutions for file and object storage, such as Pure Storage's FlashBlade, offer enterprises a high-performance solution that works with their unstructured file data. Using flash for large, unstructured file data means higher performance without the latency that comes with scale-out solutions.

In addition, the dense storage of flash means a much smaller footprint than disk or tape, which in turn translates into savings on power, rack, and cooling. While the cost of flash is still much higher than disk, flash is becoming more affordable.

However, significant challenges lie in using flash storage for unstructured file data, necessitating a modern secondary storage solution that works with high-performance flash storage.

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