235 Emerging Tech Trends For 2018 - Amy Webb

With the start of a new year, FTI answers: What are the most important emerging tech trends that will radically transform business, governing and society in the near-future? We’ve identified 225 Emerging Tech Trends for 2018 plus 10 weak signals for next year.

Last year proved to be a restless nail-biter, and 2018 promises more of the same. Strap in, because you’re likely to witness a number of events that don’t appear to follow the familiar political, technological or business narratives.

Ur Key Findings: The artificial intelligence ecosystem

The artificial intelligence ecosystem — flooded with capital, hungry for commercial applications, and yet polluted with widespread, misplaced optimism and fear — will continue to swell. You will see the AI ecosystem represented in many of the trends in this report, and it is vitally important that all decision-makers and teams familiarize themselves with current and emerging AI trends.

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