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GDPR countdown: Has your business checked its blind spots?

Alistair Holmes, Software Sales Engineering Senior Manager at Quest. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline is now under six months away and many companies are still not prepared.

The new regulation impacts all organizations, in all industries and in all regions — even those outside the EU that collect and store personal information of EU citizens. However, most organizations are unclear on the extent of change required to achieve GDPR compliance, the severity of penalties for non-compliance and how changes will affect the business.

A recent study by Osterman Research found that 61 percent of businesses aren't familiar with the key provisions of GDPR and 64 percent aren't equipped to comply with the new requirements. As we approach the 25th May, organisations will need to gain a greater handle on where their data is stored and how it is protected, who is accessing it and how they will continue to safeguard it in the future.

Many organisations are already in a transformational stage facing the intersection of on-premises and cloud infrastructures while also struggling to balance business continuity, administration, and innovation. Add GDPR on top and the seemingly endless list of business critical tasks can be difficult to prioritise.

If business leaders look past the obvious measures and check their organisational blind spots, navigating the new regulatory landscape can be easier and help avoid unwanted surprises, even with the clock ticking. GDPR blind spots: Expecting the unexpected.

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