Digitaliseringen i bankvärlden - Indien

Cognitive computing, AI propel Indian banks to challenge global leaders. Today Indian banks are witnessing a massive transformation with aggressive investments in digital technologies to catch up with leading global competitors offering wide-ranging and sophisticated services. 

By adopting new strategies that incorporate the principles of digital reinvention, as well as embracing rapidly advancing technologies such as AI and cognitive computing, Indians banks can challenge global leadership. 

The article is based on an interview with Likhit Wagle, General Manager; Global Banking & Financial Markets at IBM. One of the questions he answers is the following "What next gen technology and digital strategies are you leveraging to revamp global customers and associated growth?" Likhit Wagle provides three examples of technology and strategies to increase the competitiveness and growth.

  1. First, data, the new natural resource. Organizations that collect, store or process data have an obligation to handle the data responsibly. That means moving, managing, and storing data efficiently -- while also protecting its security and privacy. 
  2. Second, AI. The complexity of today’s businesses means that humans needs machines to help automate the task of finding, managing and securing the vast amounts of personal data within their organizations.
  3. And finally, to really put this smart to work, we need to go beyond technology itself. We also need the right people, with the right skills, in the right jobs, living in thriving communities.

Digital transformation projects to succeed and bring real business benefits need a continuity. A great example is the Bank of Baroda, leading India’s public sector bank operating in 24 countries. One of the first projects is use of IBM Watson APIs for customer BOT assisting during digital interactions.

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Intervju med Likhit Wagle på YouTube: Beyond digital - cognitive.

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