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Alleviating the Burden of Diabetes with AI - THINK Blog

How many decisions do you make per day?

From the minute you wake up in the morning until you fall asleep that same evening, you likely have to make endless choices: the route you drive to avoid traffic, what you should order for lunch, when to run errands, what type of exercise you want to do at the gym, when to pick up dinner, how much time you should spend walking the dog, just to name a few. For people living with diabetes, this situation is even worse.

For example, type 1 diabetics face an average of 180 decisions1 each day around how to manage their condition and keep blood sugar levels in check. Every meal, snack, and insulin injection must be carefully thought through and accounted for – no matter what other decisions they're also juggling.

Errors or a lack of attention can lead to a dangerous condition called hypoglycemia, in which blood sugar levels drop….

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