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Why Marketers Should Care What Happens in the IT Department and Common Reasons for Data Loss

As more companies become heavily dependent on technology, there is an increasing need for employees to be aware of the technological issues that could affect a business.

Some of the biggest problems faced by IT departments may also affect other parts of the business, including the marketing team for example. The Value of Data. Regardless of the nature of data – whether personal or customer oriented, intellectual property or pictures – information is a valuable asset for any organisation.

Often, an organisation will hold data that is of value to someone else, which is why every business is a potential target for those with malicious intent. RSA's 2016 Annual Cyber Security Poverty Index reports that in the past year, 70% of institutions said they had to deal with a security incident that negatively affected their business operations.

If a data breach occurs, there are long-term, as well as immediate costs. In the short term, the company would need to investigate and clean-up.

In the long term, they would have to deal with issues such as falling revenue, loss of IP, regulatory audits, impact to customer perception and brand reputation. The marketing and PR arms of any company must be involved both short and long term in order to help the organisation recover as best they can.

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