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Why CEOs Say Yes to Marketing Automation

At the start of this century, it was rare for a company to have a marketing automation platform in place.

Since then, it's become ever more clear that acquiring marketing automation (and applying the expertise to make it hum) is a huge competitive differentiator. . But what does this big-picture research actually mean to the marketer?

And why, specifically, would your CEO say "Yes" to adopting marketing automation? Here are seven considerations. 1.

Marketing Automation Lets You Put the Customer in the Center of Your World. Lead management. Forrester Research calls this the "age of the customer.

" That's because the customer is more proactive than ever before, and the landscape is practically littered with touchpoints. From lead generation to lead nurturing to qualification, and from channel to channel, marketing automation lets you gather information that helps you determine what a prospect is looking for, and then helps you build a relatively personal relationship based on that information.

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