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Today’s CIO Needs to Be the Chief Innovation Officer

Enterprise IT as we have known it is rapidly becoming obsolete, and the traditional role of the CIO is increasingly irrelevant.

As game-changing technologies transform every business process, they also give us the ability to create new products and services that were impossible just a few years ago. Therefore, the CIO's role must shift from protecting and defending the status quo to embracing and extending new innovative capabilities.

The old way was about technology-centricity; the new way is about technology-empowered business strategies. The old way was information management; the new way is information intelligence.

The old way was IT systems management; the new way is platforms that enable new value chains and integrated ecosystems. The old way was cost management; the new way is driving business transformation and accelerating growth.

Today's world of business is not just changing — it's transforming. What's the difference?

Change is doing something in an incrementally different way.

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