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Technology innovation on the second half of the chessboard

The speed and magnitude with which technology innovation is moving is mind-boggling, even for those of us who have worked at the center of it for decades.

Staid industries for which technology seemed irrelevant are transforming themselves or being disrupted by the Connected World, innovation made possible by the confluence of cloud, mobile, sensor and artificial intelligent technologies.  McKinsey has noted that the internet-impacted industries represent 15 percent of our economy.

The Internet of Things will impact the rest with a potential economic impact of $11 trillion by 2025. Technology innovation is now a global village.

China has moved from a technology laggard to fast follower to leader within the span of two decades. This year, venture investment in China is likely to surpass U.S. venture investment for the first time.

Europe is producing cutting edge technology and companies; the Spotify IPO ago is just the latest example. Venture investors in Silicon Valley used to apply the bridge rule: If an investment involved crossing a bridge, then it was out of scope.

Now many of us apply the two-flight rule: Any investment is fair game if it can be reached within two flights.

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