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Rise in Worldwide Technology spending for Comprehensive IT solutions

The demand for Information Technology and IT programs seems to be evolving to a solutions approach as the market morphs into a network play for service providers.

Service providers are plunging ahead with the concept of introducing the most innovative and latest solutions, then conjoin them together to resolve industry-centric issues for the clientele. THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. The most recent strategy that's called the digital transformation is applying information tech solutions and automation to boost existing business processes and build new business opportunities.

Based on the research consultancy IDC, the worldwide IT industry market that encompasses software, hardware, services and telecommunications was expected to reach $3. 8 trillion last year, which is up from $3.

7 trillion in the previous year. The market in the US accounts for around 28 percent of the total, or a bit more than $1 trillion.

With the rising demand, more and more educational institutions are boosting their IT education programs to produce highly qualified and professional information technology service providers. SOME ACTIVE ORGANIZATIONS SPENDING MORE ON COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS.

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