På Linked In: Five ways in which the IoT will change our lives over the next three years

The Internet of Things (IoT) is triggering profound changes in our daily lives. Right now, teams of researchers across Europe are running large-scale trials on technology and networks that, once deployed, will take connectivity to a whole new level. 

So how will connecting things impact how we live, work, eat, connect and move around – just a few years from now? Let’s have a look at five key areas in which large-scale European pilots kicked off in January this year – meaning they will deliver practical solutions in terms of applicable technology and standards by 2020.

1.   Smart living for better ageing

We are living longer, and leading active lifestyles well into old age. Being able to stay in charge of our lives and retain our independence as we age, while also improving safety and comfort, is something that IoT technology is helping us achieve. Läs mer på Linked In

Linked In Article. Victor Zhang. Huawei, President, European Public Affairs and Communication