​Innovation in agencies is coming like a ghost town

If agencies wish to remain a valued partner to business, as opposed to simply a supplier of communications, they must help business innovate or die. Five years ago the advertising industry introduced a new job title – the chief innovation officer – and at the height of the fervour some 50 agencies in London boasted a "CIO".  But today innovation people are leaving the industry in droves. The individuals formally known as chief innovation officers are still in the innovation business but they are no longer working within agencies.  

Why is that? Because many agencies were not serious about innovation in the first place as Anthony Mayfield of Brilliant Noise makes clear "The brightest people in the innovation space were used as window dressing for old business models, to affect a sheen of digital or future thinking".  

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Artikeln är skriven av Nadya Powell. Intressant ur två perspektiv. Dels intressant att höra om en bransch som säger sig satsa på innovation och nytänkande, dels som en parallell till vår egen IT-bransch.