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How Cloud Computing Can Add to Your Business’s Bottom Line

Two-thirds of SMBs indicate technology is a primary factor in pursuing their business objectives; and.

72 percent of SMB decision makers say that technology solutions can help them significantly improve business outcomes and run their businesses better. While these numbers are significant, they don't really get at how technology can help small businesses thrive.

Nor do they address which technologies are the most critical to adopt in that effort. However, if you look at the statistics, cloud computing is one of the fastest growing technologies among small businesses, one prediction claiming that 78 percent of small businesses will have adapted cloud computing by 2020.

The Competitive Advantages of Cloud Computing. Based on the adoption number above, moving to the cloud must provide advantages aside from financial benefits and, if you want your small business to remain competitive, you might want to give them serious consideration. Greater Flexibility. Thanks to relatively new cloud licensing models, small businesses can leverage the cloud when they need to without permanent cost increases.

For example, if your small business wanted to add new cloud servers to cover an innovative project, it can add these in minutes in the cloud for an increased fee.

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