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How AI, skills gaps and the gig economy are shaping the world of work

It's worth mapping key trends that are challenging traditional methods of recruitment.

In today's ever-changing market, British businesses are facing increasingly complex challenges when it comes to attracting - and retaining - the talent they need to succeed. There's no doubt that the world of work is evolving at a rapid rate, and many of these changes are irreversible.

Not only is the UK's unemployment rate at a 42-year low, but candidate availability has been steadily falling over the last four years, and with new technologies continually emerging, disrupting industries across the globe - the battle for talent is real. Why advertise with us.

So as the challenges continue to arise, it's vital for businesses to keep on top of key industry trends, and evolve their recruitment strategies to align with the needs of top talent. Here are three key trends challenging traditional methods of recruitment: AI and Automation. Perhaps the biggest change facing the world of work and recruitment is the impact of AI; a study by McKinsey suggested that nearly half of the activities in the top five European economies are susceptible to the impact of automation.

But these advancements don't necessarily have to be seen as a threat to the recruitment industry.

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