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For the greater good: how blockchain technology will be the new way of accelerating personal development

Blockchain technology is now used in many industries for data verification and storage but the next wave of working with data will almost certainly center on the combination of blockchain technology and Big Data, combined with better methods of data interpretation.

This will allow us to bring Big Data tools in line with contextual understanding and to help individuals and companies make decisions which will drive the new paradigm in development. Digital Services for Personal Development are Prevailing over Traditional Ones. Traditional consultants such as life coaches who help people to make right decisions are expensive and no-one can make sure whether the method a particular consultant practices is valid or not.

Unlike consultants, applications generated and deployed on the blockchain will be continuously checked on the decentralized network. Consumers of these services will be able to use the application in any place and consultants will be able to develop projects, digitize them, and get access to a larger audience on the basis of ecosystem.

The Problems of Modern-Day Development Apps. Today, there are a lot of apps centered around analyzing one's personal data according to several methods (personal data interpretation tests). For example, an app like Remente asks you to fill in a questionnaire to assess personal development.

Upon completion, the system analyzes the data and provides users with recommendations on strengths and weaknesses found by the algorithm.

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