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Creative Freedom through Digital Transformation

For a leading animation studio, digital transformation is certainly not a dream; it's an everyday reality.

Using today's most innovative technologies, this film studio is able to unleash the creative genius of their storytellers, artists, and innovators—and produce better films on time and on budget. Realizing a vision in the most cost-effective way.

Making a computer-generated feature film is extremely computer intensive because everything has to be digitally created from nothing. A 90-minute animated film could easily consist of more than 100,000 individual frames and more than 500 million digital files.

And depending on the film, image-rendering operations can reach almost 100,000 transactions per second. The challenge for most studios is to support their artist's creativity—yet stay within their budget.

To achieve that goal, this particular animation studio actively pursued a digital transformation strategy that would ensure speed, power, flexibility, and automation. Industry experts and technology make the dream a reality.

Tackling a digital transformation is difficult because it involves planning a strategic vision for the business and then determining the best IT to support that vision.

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