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Coca-Cola Is Embracing AI and Chatbots in Preparation for a Digital-First Future

When David Godsman joined Coca-Cola as chief digital officer nearly a year ago, his remit was to transform the traditionally brick-and-mortar business into a "consumer-centric beverage brand" for the digital era.

Godsman—who spent the past several years in digital banking at Bank of America before heading up the company's payments and commerce unit—is the first person in the role for the beverage brand. (The company also eliminated its CMO position and moved the role into another team focused on growth and customer experience.).

Coca-Cola is just one of many brands across a variety of industries grappling with how to serve consumers through new digital platforms. Using data, artificial intelligence and connected devices, it's trying to rapidly test and enact new customer experiences and services.

"This is a large digital transformation exclusive to the Coca-Cola Company," he said. "It isn't about changing digital experiences but also about helping customers make decisions in a more effective manner.

It's about an operational transition.". Adweek: How do you approach R and investment in innovation?

David Godsman: We experiment in a lot of different areas, and we have a global platform to do that.

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