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Blockchain shows open source’s fatal flaw—and a way forward

"26,000 new blockchain projects last year!" screamed the headline.

"But only 8 percent remain active! " The implication is that blockchain's future is at risk, given the high mortality rate among its offspring.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, we need many more blockchain projects to fail to clear out some of the noise, leaving room for "Linux of blockchain"-type projects to remain.

And yet there is cause for concern, though not in blockchain specifically. Instead, the greater concern should be for open source, which has never been more popular with software users even as the developer population feeding it has remained flat.

Unless we can find ways to encourage more contributions, open source efforts like blockchain threaten to crumble under the weight of user expectations unmet by developer productivity. [ Discover 2017's best open source software for enterprise: The Bossie Award winners.

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