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Be smart — use big data for your small business

Large companies have already embraced the rise of data and analytics.

An IDG study last year showed 78 percent of larger employers agree data collection and analysis have the potential to completely change the way they do business. But their smaller brethren still aren't reaping the same benefits of real-time digital interconnectivity.

According to an SAP-sponsored global survey of small businesses, many are still in the early stages of digital transformation. But there's no reason for small businesses to fear big data.

If you know where to look and have the right strategy, there are many ways you can gather, analyze and make sense of data you already have without breaking the bank. Set your goals.

Define the goals you want to meet when running analytics projects. Your goals should be based on what action you want visitors to your site to take.

This doesn't mean only searching for hits to your site.

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