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AI can't help without your data, says Gartner, so share, share, share!

Gartner thinks the Facebook data panic will subside as people start to realise the value of their information.

Predicting an eventual upturn in the sagging smartphone market, research director Ranjit Atwal told The Reg that while artificial intelligence has proven key to making phones more useful by removing friction from transactions, AI required more permissive use of data to deliver. An example he cited was Uber "knowing" from your calendar that you needed a lift from the airport.

"Today there an no good use cases for AI - it's just an enhancement of what we do on a phone. We're thinking ahead a few years, when AI can start to remove friction between us and the phone.

" This can be done by automating mundane tasks - such as ordering an Uber - but that will require users to share data with services they trust.

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