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5 steps for baking AI into your enterprise

Increasingly, digital transformation is key to nearly every enterprise strategy—and it's prompting the C-suite to embrace and apply new technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), to traditional business processes.

But AI is not a silver bullet. Solutions require a combination of data, technology, infrastructure, talent and vision.

And at times it can get complex. It's not all that different from baking, another messy composition process where many things need to come together for success.

For your first venture into AI adoption, below are five baking-inspired steps to consider—inspired by our own time in the kitchen. [ Explore the power of the graph—the Microsoft Graph, that is—in your apps: Microsoft Graph: The APIs to Office 365's hidden riches • Microsoft Graph and Microsoft Teams reshape Office • Cortana moves way beyond being a personal assistant.

| Keep up with hot topics in programming with InfoWorld's App Dev Report newsletter. ]. 1. Plan your bake.

AI isn't a single, monolithic technology but is instead a diverse set of technology ingredients with the potential to deliver many types of benefits.

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